our story

our little story
From here, how small and enchanting the stars are, right?
Or how a small lucky bug that lands on our palm can brighten our whole day...
When we discover the "big" joys and surprises in the concept of "small", the story of Ventus begins to take shape.
For example, we realized that there is not enough "big" joy in a big city, and that our spirit wants to get to nature with a great hunger.
We realized that life is made up of "small moments" and that we owe everything to nature.
Ventus Small Hotel & Glamping invites you on a journey to yourself in Seferihisar, Turkey's first cittaslow (slow city) area.
Slow down, stay in the moment, and refresh.
If you wake up in the middle of the night, the first thing you'll see is not the light of the street lamps, but the twinkle of the stars in the sky.
While you are our guest, don't forget to reverse the rules of the city: step on the grass, pick the fruit, touch the animals, talk loudly, and laugh.
In your new living space, which is a few minutes drive from the Sığacık & Akarca Beaches, one of the most special bays of the Aegean, there are 3 garden rooms, 2 terrace rooms, and 2 dome glamping tents where you can blend with nature.
Each room and dome glamping tent has its own story and a tree that you can touch by extending your hand.
We have many fruit trees, including Seferihisar's world-famous mandarin, a small vegetable garden, and our chickens, roosters, and ducks that sing us unique verses every day.
We have a colorful breakfast prepared with organic food from our own garden and poultry farm, accompanied by the unique iodine smell of the Aegean.
And there are memories and friendships that we will share around a fire pit.
That's our #OurSmallStory.